1. Strength To Leave is Here


    Strength To Leave is officially out.  

    Bandcamp  Free download

    Instructions for free download: right click on the folder titled ‘Nick Garcia - Strength To Leave’ and select ‘Download’ or ‘Download as .zip’


  2. "Ages," the first single off #StrengthToLeave, dropping July 19th


  3. New Track, “Tercaprorital”


  4. New EP, “Split”


  5. New Sound Design Piece for Julian Marshall and OXO Kitchen Ware

    Julian Marshall’s Obey The Giant is doing great to be quite frank.  Posts on USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and Hypebeast along with a Vimeo staff pick and front page feature have garnered over 40k hits in the past few days.  I can’t say how honored I am to have scored the film; knowing that so many people around the world are hearing my music is a dream come true.  

    To couple the film’s release, Julian just finished a new spec.  When he hit me up to work on it, he said “no music; just sound design.” I couldn’t have been happier.  Here’s the product, a sleek spec for OXO kitchen ware.


  6. Obey The Giant Has Officially Been Released


  7. Obey The Giant Releasing April 15th


    Last year I scored a film called Obey The Giant, which is the first biopic film about Shepard Fairey.  After almost a year of festival drama and other shit, the director Julian Marshall is finally releasing it on April 15th via internets everywhere.  Be sure to check my soundtrack, which pulls influence from modern electronic, ambient, punk, and even a little classical.


  8. Working with CeeDee!

    Cambridge rapper CeeDee is only 17 years old, but I’ve never seen a rapper work in the studio so efficiently.  When we had our first session last Saturday he came in, had all his verses memorized, and recorded three songs very well in about 2 1/2 hours.  We recently interviewed him over at the blog I write for, Cypher League, and he speaks and spits like a guy way beyond his years.  He is affiliated with Cambridge’s Fast Life collective. I’ll be recording, mixing, and mastering his entire next tape.


  9. "It’s A Feeling" Now on Bandcamp

    HNDMD has released my debut track for the label on their Bandcamp!


  10. B∩MSTEAD - “Rain Like”

    I met B∩MSTEAD last year while travelling to Rhode Island to work on the Obey The Giant score.  He blew me away with his music and I’ve been following his output ever since.

    This track dropped today on Belgian Man Records.  I’ll let it speak for itself.



  11. I’m Mastering Kam Royal’s Next Mixtape

    Rapper Kam Royal has been making moves in DC and New Orleans for a few years, and his Youtube videos and Datpiff mixtapes have seen some really great success.  He’s asked me to master his upcoming mix tape, out later this spring.


  12. "It’s A Feeling" Featured On Tea Leigh’s Soundcloud

    Tea Leigh is an incredible folk artist and Soundcloud ambassador based in NYC.  Yesterday she generously reblogged my track "It’s A Feeling" and the response has been amazing.  I’ve never received this many plays, likes, and comments in a single day.  Thank you Tea!


  13. I’ve been hired to master Skinny’s “Smoke Kings Volume II: Dope // Sick”

    DC rapper Skinny is a long time friend who I have collaborated with on multiple projects, and he has graciously offered to let me provide the final touch on his upcoming mix tape “Smoke Kings Volume II: Dope // Sick.” I can’t express how excited I am to be a part of this project.


  14. w00dy is HNDMD's resident ambient/sound collage artist.  I'm honored to have her as a label mate; her creativity really knows no bounds.


  15. Job Secured at Together Fest Boston 2013

    I’m excited to announce that I will be part of the Together Festival, Boston’s premiere electronic music and arts festival May 13th-19th.